The Amsterdam Pub Investigation

The Amsterdam Investigation Report

Members Attended

Robert Baker-Murphy (Director)
Krystle Eaton (Team Manager)
Darren Shreeve (Investigator)

Duration of Investigation

23:30 – 04:OO
(4hours 30 minutes)

Equipment used

investigation amsterdam pub kit
Beam barrier – Outside cellar door & fire exit,
Motion detector – In the laundry room,
Infrared camera – In the cellar,
infrared thermometer – Used manually,
Alarmed thermometer – In the hallway between the laundry room and the cellar,
EMF X 2 – Used manually,
Cameras still image X 2 – Used manually,
EVP – Used manually in all areas,
Torches X 3 – Used Manually.

The Investigation

cell entranceOn Monday, 24″ October 2011, Findings Paranormal Investigators received a call asking us to perform a formal investigation into possible haunting at The Amsterdam.

Thursday 27″ October 2011, FPI entered The Amsterdam pub at 23:OO to set up our equipment within the location. Above is listed the equipment used and where we set up. At 23:30 we began our investigation with asking permission from any spirit that we would like to record them by any means possible, followed by a protection prayer performed in the function room area. We set off for the basement area of the building first; there we spent 45 minutes with only torches and equipment set up. We then headed to the area above the basement where we were for 15 minutes, taking the EVP with us in all locations along with our torches. We then headed for the cellar, where we sat for 10 minutes; we didn’t stay there for too long as it was too loud and cold.

Moving onto the function room next, where we spent 50 minutes; after which we took a 10 minute break.

We then split up for 20 minutes, Krystle in the basement alone, Robert in the function room and Darren in the living quarters.

We re-grouped in the basement area for another 30 minutes still with the same equipment; we had to change the camera in the basement for a new memory card.

After which we spent 35 minutes in the main entrance of the location, we then spent 20 minutes to collect in all our equipment before vacating the property.

Findings Results

The Amsterdam Pub
Clip 22 – 17:38:44- Moving Light like Object
Clip 22 – 17:39:10- Orb
Clip 22 – 17:39:18 – Orb
Clip 22 – 17:39:25 Orb
Clip 23 – 17:43:29- A Shuffle Sound/ Grown
Clip 23 – 17:43:33- Male Voice Saying “Where Else Can I Go” Krystle Was Alone In the Basement
Clip 23 – 17:43:41 – Deep Breathing
Clip 24 – 1 7:50:00 – Heavy Breathing / Inhale
Clip 24 – 17:50:23- Grown
Clip 24 – 17:51:33- Sobbing Sound Male X 3 Inhales
Clip 24 – 1751:59 – Orb down The Stairs
Clip 24 – 17:52:08- Orb
Clip 25 – 17:53:22- Something Touched My Leg on the Stairs
Clip 25 – 17:54:49- Moving Light like Object
Clip 25 – 17:56:56- Orb Bottom Left of the Camera
Clip 27 – 18:03:17- EMF Lit Up When Asked If Someone Died In the Basement
Clip 27 – 18:07:25- Breathing on the Mic of the Camera Just after we asked The Spirit to Touch the EMF again
Clip 27 – 18:07:39- Moving Light like Object
EVP 15/15 – 7:18 – Breathing Down the Mic
EVP 15/15 – 9:43 – Whispering voice saying “Tell Me When, It’s Getting Late”
EVP 15/15 – 13:12 – Mumbling voice.

Conclusion of investigation

Since the evening of the 27′ October 2011 to the early hours of 28th October 2011 and since leaving the Amsterdam, we have gone through all our footage taking approximately 6 hours; we found many strange things happen throughout the evening from Orbs to Voices and even some physical contact, The Amsterdam has been a great experience. Although we can not say the Amsterdam is 100% haunted, we also can’t say it’s not. The evidence suggests that there are possible haunting’s going on at this location, but noting could be found easily. In the evening we did not hear voices or see orbs, what we did find is that the EMF reacted to different questions called out during this event, also the feeling of being touched which left quite a reaction within the group.

We have all had a brilliant investigation and are all happy with our FINDINGS. 

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