Shoreham Sniper Huts Investigation

Shoreham-By-Sea – Sniper Huts.

Our investigation was run by Lisa Walker, Krystle Eaton and me.

investigation sniper huts coverInvestigation commenced at 9 pm, starting at St Nicolas church in Old Shoreham. We went to the church and walked around the footpath, we sat on a bench at the back of the churchyard, we took some recordings consisting of photography and filming via an infrared camera and a moon night vision camera, we then walked round the rest of the graveyard and then left the site at about 9:20 pm.

Arriving at the sniper hut at around 9:30 pm, we all went into the hut which has a very small entrance, again filming and photography was done at this location. We all stayed in the hut for around 10 minutes, Krystle Eaton and I left the hut leaving Lisa Walker alone with cameras which were infrared. Lisa was in the hut for around 10 minutes and leaving having felt that she was not safe, she explained that she felt something was telling her to leave, her gut was feeling turned. Whilst Lisa was in the hut, Krystle and I looked through a few pictures taken inside and round the hut. We found that in one of the pictures was a figure that seemed to be standing next to me and Lisa. Was this the figure that was making Lisa leave the hut?

We decided to walk down River Adur to the next hut which had no roof, Lisa went down into the hut whilst I stayed at the top with Krystle, we didn’t feel there were much point in being at this hut and so took off to the third hut down the river.

We arrived at the third hut at around 10:15 pm. This hut has a much larger entrance at which made it easy to get in. We all felt that there is a presence at this hut and so stayed for a longer period of time of 45 minutes. We all took a lot of photos and videos here, whilst calling out for any spirits to be kind and to be known. At the time, we didn’t get a response. However, when we got back to the analysing of the evidence, we came across a photo that appears to show a sniper sat next to Lisa Walker. Unfortunately, Krystle had lost her photos and videos as her laptop became unavailable to her. 

The Shoreham Sniper Huts on River Adur were truly an experience that left the team feeling mixed emotions, Lisa feeling suppressed, Krystle feeling anxious, and myself feeling a sense of sadness. However, we are all happy with our Findings.

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