Orb Definition

What is an orb?

Orbs in the paranormal world are any of the concentric spheres in old astronomy surrounding the earth and carrying the celestial bodies in their revolutions.
Some of the orbs you may see in photos might not be true orbs, they are refractions of the light on the camera lens, bits of dust, insects that are picked up from the came flash. This can be the case where dust has been disturbed, ie going into an attic.

What do the orders mean via their colour


These colour spirits are associated with evil spirits in the paranormal fields. These can be a warning to stay away from the area, or approach with caution as danger could lurk ahead.


Blue orbs are a sign of calming and energy, these orbs are also associated with spirit guides and leading to the right direction.


These orbs are known in the paranormal world as being a spirit trying to let the living know of a significant event, and that it would like help moving on.


Green orbs are often associated as love. These orbs are also classed as a human spirit rather than a spirit not from this world. Green orbs are at one with the earth and peace.


Gray may indicate depression or spiritual lack, or it may represent fear or ambivalence. If you see an orb that’s this colour, it may indicate the presence of a depressed spiritual entity, or an entity lacking in spiritual awareness. Smoke, like the colour gray, may indicate confusion or trouble.


Pink orbs are a sign of love and could be a deceased family member that is trying to show you that they are there. This could also be an ascended master, guide, teacher or archangel. Pink orbs can also mean messengers from the other-side.


Red or Orange orbs are a sign that an entity has assumed the role of a protector. This could be someone who was charged in life to keep watch or be a caretaker. These are associated with safety and security.


White energy is typically perceived as highly positive in nature. This colour Orb is known as a protector of the area it resides and that the spirit is protecting people around this area.

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